Mike Peterson

and his

Virtual Progressive Rock Band


Words and Music

Mike Peterson

Bass part composed and performed by Bill Giles


A few years ago, I thought it would be fun to try motorcycle racing. I went to a number of high speed riding schools, and competed in a few races. I never did win, or even come close to winning, but I got a taste of what it was like to go fast, and WOW…It was exciting!

This is the only song in the collection composed and performed with a collaborator. Bill Giles wrote and performed the bass part, and provided arrangement ideas.

This song also contains my first solo.


Living fast and riding fast
The only way to go
Life is a sport
And it's way too short
To waste it going slow

Well I don't need amphetamine
To accelerate the pace
Just a mean machine and gasoline
And I'm pumped up for a race

Faster and faster
Exploring the limits
Exciting the senses
Enjoying each minute
Got a burning adrenaline hunger to feed

I need speed
Keep running faster
But I'm falling behind
I need speed
If you can't keep up
Then get out of my way
I need speed

Intense concentration
Expanded awareness
No time to be lazy
No time to be careless
Makes normal existence
Seem boring indeed

Every turn
Is a skill to learn
A process to refine
The track is a test
An endless quest
To find the perfect line

Some might say it's crazy
To go out there and compete
But mastery
Leads to victory
And a thrill that can't be beat

Gently finessing
The power, the traction
Avoiding the reflex
Of overreaction
If I master the balance
I'll surely succeed

I need speed