Mike Peterson

and his

Virtual Progressive Rock Band

Freeze In The Dark

Words and Music

Mike Peterson

Musical Assistance

Rick Telli

Other Versions

Geerlings, Peterson and Gagon

Laminar Flow


I had the original idea for this song in the late 70's after the Arab oil embargo. It is still relevant today. And yes, I know the Arabs don't have ALL the oil…sometimes it just seem that way.

The original arranger was Rick Telli. I always saw his arrangement as a model of brilliant orchestration. I hoped that maybe someday, I would be able to do one as good.

This is an attempt to go back and orchestrate my original idea as if I was doing it for the first time. But, as hard as I tried to be different, some of Rick's ideas were just so good, I couldn't hear the song any other way.


Oh the Arabs have all the oil
And pretty soon they'll have
All the money too
And although it's good news for them
It's nothing but trouble
For me and you
Well you know there's a way
We can kiss em all goodbye
But a few scared people
In their ignorance
Say we shouldn't even try

If you don't like waiting in line
Then you ain't gonna see the show
If you don't like learning
The truth about something
Then you're never gonna know
And if you don't like paying
The parking meter
You won't find a place to park
If you don't like nuclear power
You can freeze in the dark

You know we can't ignore
The serious problems
That must be solved
With the radioactive waste
And the cancer risks
That may be involved
But we can't quit now
Can't give up without a fight
Cause the shortages
And the rationing
Will be turning out the light

If you don't like waiting in line…

Now is the time to decide
If we'll grow in the future
Or rot in the past
Continue enslaved to the earth
Or escape into space
And be free at last
But the only way
That we'll make it to the stars
Is to look ahead
And never stop
Like the adventurers we are

If you don't like waiting in line…