Mike Peterson

and his

Virtual Progressive Rock Band

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On My Own...At Last

Words and Music

Mike Peterson

..except for the Bass part on Speed by Bill Giles


I don't play a melodic instrument (I used to play the drums) and I can barely sing in tune.

But…for over 30 years, I have had ideas for songs.

In the beginning, I would sing my ideas to my musician friends.

They worked wonders interpreting, extending, arranging and coaching.

Very, Very Special Thanks to the fine musicians who helped me in the early days

Dennis Bales

Rick Telli

PJ Geerlings

Jack Schwarz

Bill Giles

Lee Zimmer

Scott Grant

Jim Silcox

But I knew that if I was ever going to be able to call myself a songwriter, I needed to do it all myself.

So, I studied music theory, and attempted to learn to play the piano.

But the complexity of my ideas always exceeded my limited playing ability.

Fortunately, Digital Audio Workstation software and Virtual Instruments now allow anybody with ideas to make music.

This album contains a collection of songs, some old, some new, written, arranged and performed by me…

On My Own…At Last.

Equipment and Technology

Except for the bass part on Speed, and the vocals, this album was produced entirely on the computer using virtual instruments. For those that care, here is the list…

Steinberg Cubase

Native Instruments Kontakt

PMI Piano samples

EastWest Hardcore Bass samples

BigFish Brass samples

Native Instruments B4

Native Instruments Absynth

Native Instruments Pro53

Applied Acoustics Tassman

Applied Acoustics Ultra Analog

Applied Acoustics String Studio

Toontrak Drumkit From Hell Superior

Voxengo Pristine Space

Intel P4 3.0G, 2G RAM, ASUS MB

Echo Layla 3G interface

Rode NT2 Microphone

Alesis 3630 Compressor