Mike Peterson

and his

Virtual Progressive Rock Band

Run By You

Words and Music

Mike Peterson

Other Versions

Geerlings, Peterson and Gagon


This is another very old song, the original arranger was PJ Geerlings. Although he did a fine job, I always wanted to see what I could do on my own. Unlike Freeze In The Dark, it was easy to come up with a completely different approach.

And yes…I fully understand the logical impossibility of "proving" a negative, but hey…It's only a song after all.


You know I don't believe it
You know it ain't true
You tell me that the stars
Are in control of you
How can a nuclear reaction
Light years away
Create a personality
Make me feel this way

Your life ain't run by the stars
By the comets or the asteroids
Or Jupiter or mars
Your life ain't run by the stars
It's run by you

They've had a long time to prove it
And many have tried
But their theories
Have never been verified
It's a fraud it's a scam
Say the scholarly few
Who perform the experiments
And prove it ain't true

Your life ain't run by the stars…

You ask me what's your sign
Do you know mine
Now you tell me
Everything's gonna be fine
Well I got news for you
You know it just ain't true
And I tell you what you gotta do
You gotta take control
Of your life, you see
Don't put your trust in astrology
Cause you're the boss
And your mind is free
And the sooner you believe it
The better off you'll be

You know that
Superstitious ignorance
Is hard to defeat
But with a little education
It can be beat
So study the science of astronomy
Then throw away your horoscope
And sing along with me

Your life ain't run by the stars…