Peterson Silcox Giles and Grant

Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Words and Music

Mike Peterson

Other Versions

On My Own


This is the first song that I wrote totally on my own.

After presenting it to Jim, he composed a guitar part.

Bill actually learned my bass part and played it note for note.

The keyboards are all sequenced. Scott did not contribute to this one.

The title for this song arose while I was co-designing the Rivera TBR1 guitar amplifier. Before starting his company, Paul Rivera had spent years fixing amplifiers, and he knew exactly what their weaknesses were. So, when we had to decide whether to use a cheap part, or a really good part, we always picked the good one and I usually said "Nothing exceeds like excess".


Bop till you drop
And party till you puke
Cause nothing exceeds like excess

Fight for the prize
And never compromise
Cause nothing exceeds like excess

The right way or no way
I'll win or I won't play
The whole thing or nothing at all

Life is a game
But it's not quite the same
Till you're pushing it right to the wall

Full speed ahead
I won't quit till I'm dead
Gotta keep pushing harder each day

Always competing
And never retreating
For me there's just no other way

Craving invention
Ignoring convention
And daring to taste the extreme
Finding a way
To emphatically say
That you'll never abandon the dream

Feeling the pain
When you fail to maintain
The perfection you're driven to find
Constantly learning
Obsessed by a burning
Desire to sharpen your mind

Take it or leave it
Reject or believe it
Preserve it or throw it away
Then you will find
When you're speaking your mind
That you really have something to say

Stand up and fight
When you know you are right
When though no one seems to agree
Courageously state it
Defend and debate it
And know what it means to be free