Peterson Silcox Giles and Grant

Live For The Light

Words and Music

Jim Silcox


A song of hope -js


I have a story that must be told
About our lives and problems of old
You know those days nothing goes right
There seems to be no end in sight

When we're not happy what have we done
To heal the hearts of those under the sun
When we feel poor to whom did we give
To those in need that they may live

Live for the light
Live for what's right
And fight the good fight
Live for the light

Plant a seed and what will it bring
Will peace and joy and love now sing
Or maybe anger, sorrow and hate
You're the sower you determine your fate

Such is life and all that you do
You plant the seed for whom you'll be true
To live for love, the kingdom of light
Or live for hate, the kingdom of night