Peterson Silcox Giles and Grant

Hard To Be A Star

Words and Music

Mike Peterson

Musical Assistance

Jaxxon Edwards(Jack Schwarz)

Other Versions

MP And Friends


I wrote this song shortly after John Lennon was killed. Most of my musician friends dream of being famous. Well, fame is fine, but obscurity has its benefits.

This is the third recording of the song, and the first one that I sang


Of all the bands you've played in
This could be the best
You think that you're ready for the test

But then your flashy frontman
Gets a deal that can't be beat
So he takes command
Then he steals your band
And puts you back out on the street

Well its hard, hard, so very hard
To be a star

You got your act together
Your demo's nearly done
You think that it's gonna be the one

But then you find out that your agent
Is a liar and a cheat
Who set you up
Just to rip you off
And put you back out on the street

Well it's hard...

Then you finally make it
Now everyone knows your name
You think there's no limit to your fame

Till out of all the millions
There's a crazy one you'll meet
He'll walk right up
To get your autograph
And then he'll shoot you on the street

Well it's hard...