Peterson Silcox Giles and Grant

I Can Do It

Words and Music

Mike Peterson

Musical Assistance

Lee Zimmer, Bill Giles

Other Versions

MP And Friends


This is a song about a philosophy that I call atheo-cynic optimism. It says basically, there is no god to help you, and there are infinitely many ways to screw up your life, but if you believe in yourself, and keep trying, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. -mp


You say that it just can't be done
But I can do it

You say it's too tough for anyone
But I can do it

I can solve the problems
I can be the best
I can measure up to any test
But I'm really not that special
And it's not that hard to do
If you believe in yourself
Then you can too

Don't think it's hopeless
Don't think that success is kept from you

Push a little harder
And there will be nothing you can't do

The universe is there for you to take
Unless you make the fatal mistake

And give control of your mind away
To some imaginary savior

You say that truth just can't be known
But I can know it

You say that proof just can't be shown
But I can show it

I can find the answers scientifically
Strip away the myth and mystery
But I'm really not that special...

Nothing is hopeless
Nothing is hidden from your mind
Truth is there so find it
And leave your superstitions behind

The universe ...

You control your destiny
Your will is really free
Use it for yourself and you will see
That I'm really not that special
And it's not that hard to do

I can do it
You can too