Denny Bales

Indian Summer


Denny Bales


Chuck Bales


Denny Bales


Denny Bales


Denny Bales - Vocal, Electric Piano, Drum Machine
Bob Nicewander - Bass


I recorded this song some years ago. Recently, i have experimented with two female vocalists, and am in the process of re-recording the song using 3 part vocals throughout.


It's Indian summer
The harvest is in
My favorite time of the year
The days settle down
In a red Kansas sky
The fields out of town disappear

I think about leaving
At moments like these
I wonder if life can't be more
I traveled the seasons
And went where i pleased
But I've always come back here before

Oh the cars trickle by me
As I sit on the porch
They all wave to me as they go
It's always so nice
When they stop for a while
'cause there's no one in town I don't know

Should I take a greyhound
Ride to the end
Follow the dream in my heart
Away from this same town
And all of my friends
And all of the dreams that went bad

Well it's Indian summer
The harvest is in
The breeze from the prairie is still
I've lived in this same town
Most of my life
I know now that I always will