Denny Bales



Denny Bales


Chuck Bales


Bill Blue


Denny Bales


Denny Bales - Vocal, Piano
Gary Pluchino - Flute, Backing Vocals
Ricky Ridera - Flute
Marc Intravaia - Guitar, Backing Vocal


Written for the '76 bicentennial celebration. My dad paid for the recording session. To keep costs down is was recorded live, 2 track, with no overdubs.


They heard of a new land
And crossed on the sea
In hopes of a new plan
The chance to be free
A chance to believe and belong

Through sounds of their labors
Rose songs of this land
In praise of her favors
They're sung by each man
America sings out her song
(sing me, sing me)
Sing me your song
Through wars of freedom
A song would lead them
And give them strength
For their standing
The song of giving
And peaceful living
The quiet joy that the land brings America

There's music that's playing
That everyone hears
A song that's been saying
For two hundred years
America sing me your song
(sing me, sing me, sing me)
Sing me your song
Sing me your song, America
Sing me your song
Sing me your song