Denny Bales



Denny Bales


Chuck Bales


Bill Blue


Denny Bales


Denny Bales - Vocal, Piano, Moog
Rick Telli - Bass
Gary Pluchino - Saxes
Chris Giesser - Drum Machine
Marc Intravaia - Backing Vocals
Debbie Giesser - Percussion


This was a collaborated effort by many musicians who were excited about the song. It was recorded in approximately 4 hours!!!


Standing in line
The next one is mine
I've got you enshrined in my heart
You treat our romance
Like a night at the dance
There's only one chance from the start

I've taken now half the test
To determine the rest would be easy
It's strange how i must confess
That your tenderness never leaves me

All that you're saying
It sounds like you're playing
It's love you delay in the game

Donna, oh Donna
Don't ever let me go
Like love in September
You glow like an ember
If you could remember my name

Donna don't you ever let me go