Denny Bales

Where I Belong

Words and Music by

Denny Bales


Denny Bales - Vocal, Guitar
Tom Boyd - Drums
Stan Giesser - Lead Guitar
Rick Telli - Bass


I wrote this song when I was in the hospital for two weeks due to back surgery -spinal scoliosis. One night laying in that bed i got this idea and riff. As I really started cranking on it and getting it down someone down the hall (another patient) yelled out "knock it off". I quietly put the guitar down and tried to go to sleep. This was recorded at some navy base after I got out and was forced to wear a body cast for 2 years. The sailors remembered the band as Frankenstien.


I'm getting tired of breaking my back
I'm getting tired this ain't where it's at
I wanna go home to my girl
You know she's the one in my world

I wanna go home back where I belong
Back where I belong
Back where I belong
Back where I belong yeah
Lord where I belong yeah

I'm gonna go back to my love
I'm gonna go to who I think of
You know I love her with all of my heart
And you know we'll never be apart