Denny Bales

Any Other Way

Words and Music by

Denny Bales

Recorded at

Bonita Recording Studio

Engineered by

Dwight Squibb


Denny Bales - Vocals
Judy Estok - Back Vocals
Tom Kosta - Guitar Solo
Rick Telli - Bass
Tom Boyd - Drums
Gary Pluchino - Sax, Flute


Song about my breakup with my high school sweetheart and singer on this song.


When I woke up the other morning
Had in my mind to visit you
Just like so many other mornings
But I'm gonna try hard to change that too

Time to time I still feel you missing
Seems I'm paying for my mistake
All alone and there's no one list'ning
But i can't go back now it's far to late
Is there any other way
Is there any other way

All my life was dreams around you
Knowing thoughts so much farther
But there's more than there seems about you
That made it so much harder

If there was any other way out
Don't you think I would stay with you
But this time I've just got to stay out
And I'm gonna start now to see it through

Is there any other way