Denny Bales

The 4:30 Train

Words and Music by

Denny Bales


Denny Bales - Vocal, Guitar
Tom Boyd - Drums
Rick Telli - Bass
Jack Wood - (way, way)Back-Vocal, Guitar


My dad told me that when we auditioned at NAS Miramar, we played this song right at 4:30, by chance of course.


There she is on the train
And she's leaving here today
I don't know what she's doing
And I don't know where she's going

And she's on the 4:30 train
The 4:30 train
The 4:30 train
And she'll never be back again
The 4:30 train

Why in the world would she go
Because of me I don't know
If she doesn't like me
Than why doesn't she tell me