Denny Bales

Sunshine Man


Denny Bales


Les Martin


Denny Bales


David Schuchman


Denny Bales - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Machine
David Schuchman - Bass


The Bass is performed by Dave Schuchman. He helped me record this in my studio and played the part of engineer (which he was very good at) he would repair and fix any and all cables that went bad. For the longest time I was suspicious of what he was after or wanted from me in return. After about 6 months working together I realized he was just a nice guy and really wanted nothing. Then one night The Who played San Diego stadium which he was part of the tear-down crew. A steel girder from the lighting broke loose pinning him to the stage for 11 minutes until life-flight arrived. He died 3 days later. He always wore a smile and was so positive of a personality , this is the only song we recorded together - the sunshine man.


In your mind are memories
Among them you can choose
Focus on the smiling times
Remember the good news
Keep your balance and control
Don't get lost in your pain
Remember there's a rainbow
After every rain

You got to be strong enough
To overcome anything
You got to be in control
Of everything your life can bring
You got to take a chance
I know you can
Well I'm your sunshine man
I'm your sunshine man
I'll do all I can
To chase those clouds away

I remember the ecstasy
We shared in the moonlight
Mmm that special dance we knew
Whenever I am lonely I go back there
It's the only opportunity
I have to be with you

You sometimes lose your balance when you focus on the pain
Remember there's a rainbow baby after every rain

Well I'm your sunshine man
I'll do all I can
To chase those clouds away