Denny Bales

Easy Come Easy Go


Denny Bales


Les Martin


Denny Bales


Denny Bales - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Machine


For the longest time Les and I could not seem to finish this one, we were always searching for that second verse. Then for some reason one day Les came up with the first three lines and it instantly triggered the next two lines out of me and made the song complete. It use to have a big long intro, But when I was on the road listening to it I made up my mind to cut the fat and erase tracks. As soon as I got home to my studio I made the changes which taught me a necessary lesson - "it's not what you play but what you don't play!"


Speaking classic cliches
As we go separate ways
Searching in vain for new love

I've had seconds and thirds
Of your worn-out words
Describing when push comes to shove

Easy come easy go
Well it doesn't matter you know
There are plenty of fish in the sea
But is there any love left for me
Is there any love left for me

Someone goes, someone stays
Nights drifting into days
Feeling this pain of no love
I saw truth in your lies
From the guilt in your eyes
I know now that I've had enough