Modern Mode

Words and Music by

Joe Carducci
Glen Bassett
Gary Falasco

Engineered by

Mike Peterson

Produced by

Mike Peterson




See how the world is changing,
Changing to modern mode
Everything's syndicated,
Solar regulated,
Micro integrated,
Television mediated,
Everybody's dancing to a new beat
Cordless telephones,
Computers you can own,
Satellites beaming dirty movies into our homes,
I can't imagine what they're gonna think of next
Press the instant replay,
Set the timer delay,
Switch it into modern mode

Everyday there's something new,
Another technological breakthrough
Express checkout lines,
Electric curling irons,
Pocket calculators,
Sexual simulators,
And each one designed with you in mind
And that's not all
Detergents that clean,
Those stubborn collar rings,
Plus ground in dirt,
Eliminates static cling,
I tell ya we got it made
Kiss your new appliance,
Join the new alliance,
Get into modern mode

Modern transportation,
Constant innovations,
Trade yours in for something new
You better hurry 'cause tomorrow,
It 'll be obsolete or used
It comes in chartreuse or gray,
So test drive one today,
Slippin' into modern mode
Its time to change the channel,
Plug yourself in and we'll,
Tune into modern mode