And Everybody Lived Alone, Together

Words and Music by

Joe Carducci
Glen Bassett
Gary Falasco

Engineered by

Mike Peterson

Produced by

Mike Peterson




Early Monday morning,
As night begins to fade,
People wake one by one,
To face another day
And each one will lead a separate life,
Unbeknownst to each other
But they don't care
Their not concerned,
They draw their curtains closed,
Isolated, choose to be left alone
They'll tell ya, "you just can't trust no one"
Their like prisoners of war,
With double locks on their doors,
Living in fear and doubt
They seek shelter in their private lives,
Protected from the world outside
And everybody lived alone, together
So life goes on
What made them bitter and cold,
No one really knows
But life goes on...
Humans by nature are likely to resist,
Avoiding their acquaintances,
As though they don't exist
If two strangers should by happen meet,
Their acknowledgements are kept discreet
And everybody lived alone, together
So life goes on
But what we need is more love,
Shared between us all
Still life goes on...