Look Out

Words and Music by

Joe Carducci
Glen Bassett
Gary Falasco

Engineered by

Mike Peterson

Produced by

Mike Peterson




Look out, I'm on the move again
Hurting but certain that this time I'll win
Born out of necessity
Now i know it's up to me
I'm through believing it comes to you from fate
I don't expect to see it on a silver plate
I'm going to make it for myself

Look out, because its time to fly
Shooting straight, right between the eyes
Some would rather sit and wait
See how quickly they'll accumulate
You can't convince me it comes from one big break
I know I'll get it 'cause I've learned from my mistakes
I'm going to make it for myself

Look out, if you don't understand
Nothing comes easy unless you take command
Patiently you'll stand in line
Brother your just wasting time
There's life around you,
There's life up in the sky
Your bound to see it if you look it in the eye
You've got to make it for yourself