Mike Peterson

and his

Virtual Progressive Rock Band

Throwaway World


Mike Peterson


Mike Peterson

Denny Bales


Mike Peterson - Vocals, Virtual Instruments

Bill Giles - Bass

Denny Bales - Guitars, Keyboards, Backing vocals


Pre-Release 4/16/2014


The basic chord progression and melody for the verse and chorus in the first part were composed in 1967 by Denny Bales. The piece was originally called "It's a Small World"

In 2008, Denny asked me to write new words for the song

Well...one thing led to another...and it started growing

Using the original song as the first part, I composed three more parts, and constructed an arrangement

The song was finished in its original form when Bill and Denny joined the project

Bill composed a new bass part, Denny played the some of the guitar parts as written, and composed some additional vocal, guitar and keyboard parts


I got a new toy
It's so shiny and bright
And it felt so good
To make it mine

Well my old toy
It worked perfectly well
But its magic faded
Over time

When I'm feeling down
I buy lotsa more toys
As many as I
Can afford

I define myself
By the things I own
But they gotta be new
Or I get bored

And what finally happens
To all the old toys
We just throw em away

We dig a hole
And toss em in
And just walk away

I ate a tasty treat
In a stylish wrap
In a foam cocoon
And a paper sack

I drank a cold beer
From a plastic cup
With a five page ad
On the back

And it all ends up
In a mountain of trash
That reflects the affliction
That we share

We're addicted to waste
In a throwaway world
But nobody seems
To really care

About those barrels of oil
And millions of trees
We just throw em away

We dig a hole
And toss em in
And just walk away

How do we tell our children
How do we tell our children
How do we tell our children
That we threw it all away

We're wasting resources
We should be conserving

We're squandering wealth
That we should be preserving

And when it's all gone
We will all be deserving
The pain

What do we do
When we've wasted it all
And the crisis
Just can't be delayed

What do we do
When we run out of time
To correct the mistakes
That we've made

When nature demands
An accounting be done
And the debts are too big
To repay

What do we do
When there's nothing left
To throw away