Mike Peterson

and his

Virtual Progressive Rock Band


Words and Music

Mike Peterson


Mike Peterson - Vocals, Virtual Instruments

Bill Giles - Bass


Pre-Release 4/16/2014


The words were written first, in about a half an hour. This is extremely odd for me, I usually take weeks, months, or even years to finish lyrics

Then, I started the recorder and sang it, in one take, a total cold reading a-capella improvisation

This was followed by many months of orchestration and tweaking

After the piece was complete using all virtual instruments, Bill wrote and performed a bass part

Rough mix, done with headphones


When we first found it
It was easy
It poured right out of the ground

It was universally useful
It seemed like nirvana was found

We used it for heat
We used it for light
We used it to change the world

We used it for freedom
We used it for pain
We used it wisely
And we used it in vain

Nobody knew of the problems
That were waiting to ruin the joy

We were so excited
To invent a world
Where we had control
Over all of the things
We had feared

But now the party is over
We need to consider the facts
There's only so much
And we've used quite a lot
And we're rapidly nearing the end

So how much gold
And how much blood
Will we spend

To continue our wasteful
Throwaway world
Where appearance
Is more valued
Than fact

We're addicted to oil
And we just can't believe
It's eventually going to end

It poisons the sea
It poisons the air
And it angers us all
Who deeply care
About our future

It changes us all
It makes us believe
A distorted measure of worth

And it poisons the minds Of the men who control The most powerful Nation on earth
And it keeps getting worse
Every single day
Until we stop

Stop burnin oil
It poisons the sky
And helps the bad guys win

Stop burnin oil
And start using our minds
Stop burnin oil
Or at the very least
Burn a lot less