Geerlings Peterson Gagon

You're Running Away

Words And Music

PJ Geerlings


You're running away again
You're running away again
Without a reason why
Will you see me cry
Is this our last goodbye

I can still remember the way
Your heart touched mine
I can still remember a love
That felt so fine

Now i can feel you
Pushing me away
But i won't hold on
If you think you can't stay

You're running away again…

You have been hurt
Enough to know the score
But now you want
To hurt yourself some more

You haven't lost me
I want to remain
We must stay together
I can't stand the pain

You're running away again…

When we were alone
We prayed for something strong
Then when we met
We knew it wasn't wrong

We can't have a lifetime
Of love on the wing
I know you are frightened
But please hear me sing

You're running away again
This can't be our last goodbye
Don't run away again