Geerlings Peterson Gagon

I Gotta Know


Mike Peterson


Dennis Bales


I an an atheist, Dennis is religous. When I wrote the words to his music, I tried to soften my extreme opinion a little


All my life I've searched
For what is true
Studied science and religion too
I've used the logic of philosophy
To try to penetrate the mystery

Cause I want to find out
How it all began
Was it an accident or some great plan
I seek the answer
That remains unknown
Does god exist or are we on our own

Jesus can you prove it to me
Buddha can you make me see
Allah can it really be
I just gotta know...

The men who wrote the bible say
They were directed in a holy way
But were the miracles
They claimed to see
Hallucinations or reality

Oh they gave us commandments
And a hell to fear
And gave a reason why we're all here
But are the stories they dramatize
The word of god
Or just a bunch of lies

Jesus can you prove it to me...

The feeling's calling me
From deep inside
I need a savior, oh I need a guide
I just can't take it all on faith, you see
Oh god i hope you're there
To answer me

Jesus can you prove it to me...