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To The Dancers

Dave Becker

Rogers drums, Zildjian and Paiste cymbals, vocals

Bill Giles

Fender precision bass, Yamaha bass, Moog taurus pedals

Scott Grant

Oberheim obx, Chroma polaris, modified rhodes piano, vocals

Robert Masters

Lead and background vocals, Acoustic guitar

Lee Edward Zimmer

Fender stratocaster, Oshita classical guitar, vocals


We did it again
It was harder this time, but

We did it again
There were times
When we almost gave up, but

We did it again
Rob almost moved to Alaska
Mike got a new job
And moved out of town
Scott's band kept getting gigs
In Yuma and Albuquerque
Lee was busy practicing for
A classical guitar competition
And Dave almost lost interest, but

We did it again
We found the time
And fiddled with the schedules
And drove across town
And worked like mad
To do it again

But why?
Why spend so much time
To reassemble a dead band
And record old songs?

Because they were good songs?
Because they were great songs
Well worth the time

So please, take some time,
Put on the disc and listen
And discover for yourself why

We did it again