Private Lives

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One More Time For Rabbi Stein


After I left San Diego, I moved to the district of Lennox, down by LAX.

I still wanted to play, so I placed and answered ads in the local free paper.

I found Robert Levitt, a Jewish insurance salesman.

Robert, his wife and some other friends had a band called Private Lives.

We rehearsed a LOT, but never played live.

In the last few weeks before I joined Fender, I borrowed a 4 track recorder and recorded the band.

The title "One More Time For Rabbi Stein" comes from a story Robert told about his music teacher.


Randy Alberts - Guitar, Vocals
Robert Levitt - Guitar, Vocals
Eileen Levitt - Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Peterson - Drums, Vocals
Becky Raney - Bass, Vocal