No Doubt




Robert Masters


A smarter man would no doubt
Take his heart out of this race
But knowing i've been foolish
Leaves no hopes of saving grace
You've had me

No doubt
You knew that I would never know it
No doubt
It's just the kind of thing I asked for
No doubt...
Its gonna be, a long hard climb, for me

A question in my mind is
Just the kind of thing you'd like
I wonder if you'll wonder
How I'll make it through the night
You've had me...yes you have

No doubt...
I'll have to take it as you made it
No doubt...
There's just no other way to change it
No doubt...
Its gonna be, a long hard climb

I guess I shoulda held on
Kept my mind on what I had
But then the only way would
Only tend to leave you sad
I've had you...yes I have

No doubt...
I was wrong again
No doubt...
Its you, you, you
No doubt...
I never could...get to you