Laminar Flow

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Myth Of The Spa Potato


Between 1982 and 1985, I owned and operated the Church of Knobs, Needles and Loud Round Things. It was a fairly traditional analog 8-track recording studio. Unfortunately, since it was built inside of an industrial suite, when I moved, it didn't.

In 1987 I became interested in using computers to make music. I was not impressed with the sequencer software available at that time, so I decided to write my own. By 1988 it was time to use the software to make music.

An all-electronic music project made sense, since I lived in an apartment at the time. For drums, electronic drum triggers and a digital sampler were used. The bass, guitar and keyboard, being inherently electronic, were plugged straight into the mixer. All parts were played while wearing headphones.

A Tascam 8 track analog recorder was used for the guitar, bass ,vocals and sax. The drums and keyboards were recorded using the midi sequencer program, which was synchronized to the tape.

Bill made the most extensive use of the sequencer program. His two pieces "Rhinoceros Chase" and "Eating Nadine" were produced entirely with the sequencer.

Engineered and Produced by

Mike Peterson

MIDI Sequencer Software written by

Mike Peterson

Cover Art

Mike Peterson