Lee Edward Zimmer

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Lee was the guitar player for Steppes

He played rock guitar in the band, but his real passion was classical guitar

Here are some pieces he recorded at the church

This is what he had to say when the CD was made in 1996....

Welcome to my very first solo guitar compact disc. It's a bit of an odd thing

You see, this stuff was recorded eleven or so years ago, shortly after I was introduced to this very interesting, very intelligent, and very towering gentleman named Mike Peterson whilst visiting a local drinking piss hole somewhere in Placentia. I believe it was Bill Giles who knew Mike and made the formal introductions. As it went, Mike had this nifty little recording studio and was into producing tapes that he liked to call art projects. He hadn't yet recorded any classical guitar stuff, and had been convinced that I was a pretty good guitarist, and recording me would be a good thing, so...

" let me play, I'm gonna play, go ahead and play...!!! "

And now, on to the music!

Engineered and Produced by

Mike Peterson

Cover Design by

Bill Giles



More from Lee

I would like to thank Mike Peterson for wanting to digitally preserve everything that he recorded at the Church Of Knobs Needles And Loud Round Things. May all your ducks be lined up in a precisely straight line with exact, zero tolerance, spacing between each one.

A special thanks to Julie, how could I be married to anyone else.

Also a thanks to Bill Giles, who seems to be connected in part, or large sections, to lots of really cool, fun, and creative projects.

Thanks also goes to Maestro Sieko Sesoko, my teacher and mentor; and to all of those at the All Guitar Center during that period of my life.

Special note: these pieces where each recorded without any editing or splicing. Each movement is heard basically as it was played live in the studio.

This is for my sons, Alex and Paul