MP and Friends

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Good Times At The Church


The Church of Knobs, Needles and Loud Round Things was a little 8-track studio that I built in Fullerton, in 1982 when I worked as an engineer at Fender Musical Instruments. It was actually a lot more than just a studio, it was a sort of an artist colony. Everybody played on each others stuff and generally had a good time doing it.

This is a collection of songs that I engineered, produced and played on during that time

The comment was made "You call the album MP and Friends, but the photo shows an empty room, don't you have any friends?"

Actually, most of the time, the studio was full of people making music and having a good time.

We just didn't take any pictures of it...probably because I didn't own a camera. I spent all my money on musical gear. I had to borrow a camera to take the few photos I have


Mike Peterson - Drums
Bill Giles - Bass
Rob Masters - Vocals
Jaxxon Edwards - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Joey Carducci - Guitar
Scott Grant - Guitar, Keyboards
Lee Zimmer - Guitar
PJ Geerlings - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Steve Grom - Sax
Stu Simone - Keyboard
Alfred Valejos - Vocals
Michelle Stanco - Vocals
Henry Arias - Congas

Engineered and Produced by

Mike Peterson