I was born in Kansas City Mo. in 1953. At the age of just 14 months my mother says I couldn’t talk yet but I could sing Davy Crocket. At the age of 5 I took piano lessons and the piano teacher noticed that every time she played next weeks lesson for me and made any mistakes in her performance, I would return the following week with the mistake included.

The family moved to Rosswell, New Mexico, leaving the piano and piano lessons behind, it wasn’t until relocating to San Diego, California in 1963 that the single most important life changing event of my life was about to happen The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. For me it was the first time I ever heard music. I knew right there and then what I was going to do, and wanted to do the rest of my life.

It was my brother that gave me the tools I needed to begin a career as a musician, singer and songwriter, his old guitar and showed me the open chords, since my folks could not afford guitar lessons I started making up my own songs so that I could at least have something to play and sing. The following year my parents bought a baby grand piano. I had to teach myself how to play the chords that I knew on the guitar and play them on the piano.

I was getting faster at picking up songs by ear off the radio, this was the natural progression for me since I found 2 other guys at school who knew as little as I did but excited to start a real band. We began playing pool parties and small local functions the music however was all original Recordings made at the time by a neighbor confirms the bands direction and sound for its own originality. 12 years later that band would be the most popular band in San Diego earning local achievements like the KGB Radio Homegrown album 3 years in a row, as well as being picked for the Best of Homegrown album. Listens recordings of my songwriting earned them the prestigious title of A play list for 3 straight months due to listener request , which means you could hear them on AM and FM once every hour.

Staying together through high school and building a business together complete with roadie’s sound engineer, rehearsal studios, office, even our own truck. This however came to an end in 1979 when the need to move to LA to compete with the big boys. The band did not live through the move but after having some success in selling my publishing to such houses as Screen Gems/EMI I decided to focus on LA recording, writing and gigs.

1980 my songs were heard by record producer Hank Donig and were signed to an Artist producer contract. Even though nothing came from it still it was a fantastic learning experience as well as a chance to see first hand how records are made.

At this point in my life I had started a small tribe of my own and it became ever increasingly obvious that i needed to buy a house. So it was back to San Diego where we save sold and slaved for a down payment on a small 3 bedroom sing le bath but most important single car garage where I built my very own recording studio. With the help of friends family and fellow musicians I was able to run maintain and own and completely fully operational 16 track studio. Earning extra income for sessions in which a song writer would come to me and without involving anyone else have his song arranged and produced complete with programmed drums bass guitar, keys, guitars, horns strings vocal arrangements.

It was a passion and a conviction and strong belief and sense of faith in myself to be the best of the best in music and life.

Over 100 songs written , and well past 10,000 hours of recording experience in both the control room and the studio, and having performed more than 15,000 gigs ranging from private parties, weddings, proms, concert touring, TV filming and every conceivable reason to play live in front of an audience, my career was soon to come to an abrupt end. A nasty divorce soon put me without a home, office, studio, transportation and then work. The last 10 years have been hard but crucial, Hardship and misfortune however was not going to rob me of my self worth or my expertise and skill that I have both for performing or creating music. If anything the experience has only made me stronger and wiser.

Although m vocation and field of employment has yet to deliver the Big Bucks it is with great excitement and anticipation that something big and beautiful is about to happen and when it does I will be in the best position that I have ever been in my whole life to not only handle it but work it from a position of power and authority of a master craftsman.