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17 Years

Cover design and CD production by

Mike Peterson

Recorded by

Mike Peterson
Live Direct To Disk Digital
At The Catamaran Cannibal Bar
San Diego, CA
Dec 26, 1996


I first met Tom Boyd and Dennis Bales in 1967.

I was in 8th grade, and was the photographer for the school newspaper. Their band "Friends of Melvin" was the top 7th grade band in the jr high school. I was assigned to photograph their performance.

As time went by, I watched them grow from students, to experts, until finally, they were voted "Best Band in San Diego" by several local radio stations.

Then, some more time went by, and they broke up. The members scattered to pursue their separate objectives.

In 1996, they decided to re-unite for a special reunion concert.

Fortunately, I had the gear available to capture it.