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Are You Ready To Rock


Jack Schwarz (aka Jaxxon Edwards) was my main collaborator in the early days of the studio. When I first met him, he worked at Fender, stringing, testing and inspecting guitars.

Later, he was laid off. Now, he had nothing to do all day while I was at work.

So...I thought it might be a good idea for him to find a band to record. He could use the studio during the day, while practicing recording engineering.

He found Magic.

Evidently, they had some funding and support, and they wanted to do a practice recording before going to the "real" studio.

About halfway through the project, Jack disappeared. I think he went to Alaska.

So...I took over and finished it

As I remember, the guys were a little hard to work with, and they constantly fought among themselves.

But they did have talent, the result came out pretty well.

Later...the keyboard player Stu Simone played on some of our stuff.


Jess Harnell - Vocals
Stu Simone - Keyboards
I don't remember who played guitar, bass and drums...sorry guys

Cover by

Mike Peterson
Another quick and dirty cover thrown together for the CD re-release
The guys in Magic never saw it

Engineered by

Mike Peterson

Produced by

Mike Peterson