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After Hours


I first met PJ Geerlings in a very odd way.

I had just been hired as an engineer at Fender Musical Instruments, and I was waiting for the paperwork to arrive. When I finally received a letter, it had my address on the envelope, but the letter inside was addressed to a guy named Pete Geerlings. It confirmed his hiring as an electronic technician, and told him what day to show up for work.

It was the same day I had been told to show up.

So..we met in the lobby, and while waiting for the process to begin, I asked "did you get my letter?"
Turns out the HR department switched them
One thing led to another, and I asked "are you a musician"?
Later, we talked about music a lot, and I asked "do you want to start a band"?
He said he had no interest in forming a "club band", but would love to do a recording project.

Now, all we needed was a bass player. Not surprisingly, at Fender, almost everybody played guitar. Unfortunately, almost nobody played bass.

Paul Gagon was an electronic engineer who also worked at Fender. His specialty at the time was guitar pickup design. He was primarily a guitar player, but volunteered to play bass for the project.

We practiced a lot. Almost every day at lunch, we drove to the partially finished studio, and worked on the songs.

The final result is the first complete project produced at the Church.

PJ Geerlings


Mike Peterson


Paul Gagon


Arranged By

PJ Geerlings

Cover Design

Mike Peterson

Produced And Engineered

Mike Peterson