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Loud Round Records is a hobby project that creates, records and distributes music in a variety of styles, using a variety of technologies

The earliest work was done using 8 track analog tape, in a little studio in an industrial park in Fullerton, CA, between 1982 and 1985

All songs were performed by live musicians, usually overdubbed

The results were distributed on cassette tape, with black and white graphics

When recordable CD's became available, the entire catalog was remastered and re-released with full color artwork

Later, in the 90s, a hybrid combination of tape, computer, MIDI instruments and external effects was used

As digital recording became more available, the tape and effect boxes disappeared, and pieces were produced using live players, a Digital Audio Workstation and some limited Virtual Instruments

Then I did some pieces where everything except vocals was done in the computer, using a Digital Audio Workstation, Virtual Instruments and effects

Now, I still primarily use virtual instruments, but have added live players

The live players live thousands of miles away, but because we all use the same Digital Audio Workstation software, we can exchange files over the internet


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