Spa Love


Bill Giles
PJ Geerlings


Bill Giles


PJ Geerlings - Guitar, Keyboards
Bill Giles - Bass, Vocals
Mike Peterson - Drums


I come home from the work day
And I have no place to unwind
Breaking rocks for the boss man
I get no peace no rest
No pillow for my head
I get home from the long drive
Two semi's cut me off
Six four wheelers flip me off
My nerves wrung out and tattered
No solace for my weary soul
No ganga for to ease my throe

Spa love, spa love
Oh woe is my throe
Spa love, spa love
Maybe a nice spa would be good mon

Spa love, spa love
Ohhh I don't, I don't know
Spa love, spa love
Let me sing dis reggae blues
Some more right after this little riff here mon

I get in de fight wit my woman
She slap me in the head
She dot me in the eye
She make me sleep on the couch now
I get no release for my aching loin
My friend Kevin has a jacuzzi
He asks me over
Smoke a splif and we get in
The answer to my dreams now
Dis spa life is de only life for me

Spa love, spa love
Bob Marley wailing in the background
Spa love, spa love
Jah I mean
Spa love, spa love
Oh and the angels sing too
Spa love, spa love
Is de only life for me