The Smoking Creebars



This song existed without a name or lyrics until the Yom Kippur party at the Weirfarm in Worcester, Massachusetts circa 1979. Improvising so there would be vocals, there came to be lyrics that do not represent the views or opinions of any member of the Smoking Creebars, their relatives or staff. Apologies go out to anyone who is offended. The band suggests all who listen should focus on just the musical notes. The song has two parts. One is a punchy style that would later become popular in the early 1980's. The other has a bouncy, almost carefree feel to it. What is amusing about this recording of CreebarMitzvah is in the transition from the first part of the song to the next. You can hear Scott giving John instructions on how the familiar, well rehearsed drum intro should go. Evidently, John was waiting for something to happen. Sort of like waiting for a stop sign to turn green.