Circles In Circles




Scott Grant


I used to think
I had the world by it's horns
Thought I had everything
Now everything's turned around
Round around
Circles in circles
Encircling me

I think a lot
About the life that I had
The laughter and sharing
But I can see now
By the sadness in your eyes
The circles in circles
Encircling me

There's no doubt about it
I've been here before
You gave me a taste
And I'm dying for more
You open the windows
And let the air in
I'm ready to start again

The mind is a canvas
We paint our own lives
Use beautiful colors
In front of the lies
I painted some circles
To insulate me
And tell myself how to be free

Winter seasons
Rhymes and reasons
Show me how to escape from you

I had the answer
In the palm of my hand
And threw it away from me
Perhaps in being blind
I've just begun to see
The circles in circles
Encircling me

Round, round
Round, round